We LOVE what we do.

We are at the heart of the electronic cigarette industry.
That means we do everything to create exceptional user experiences.
Since 2006, our users have enjoyed the enduring and progressive technology of our inventions.

A Different Level of Vaping.

Innovation, creative design, quality, originality, functionality, service.
With a customer base that spans across the globe, we cannot settle for being anything less than excellent.

Hon Lik invented the first generation electronic cigarette.

Janty invented eGo, the second-generation electronic cigarette that revolutionized the industry.

MiD, a third generation electronic cigarette developed by Janty was released. Vaping was taken to a whole new level with its clever customizable vaping system.


We are Pioneers.

Janty Stick

The Janty Stick electronic cigarette is the first non-cigarette shaped device manufactured in the market. The revolutionary device performed more than what was expected with its portability and efficiency. Because of its popularity, a version 2 and 3 was released.

Janty Kissbox

One of Janty's first and original e-cigarettes. The Kissbox was not only known for its sleek and slim body - it was created with the technology for USB pass through vaping and allowed the user to easily transition between manual and automatic modes.

We are Original

Our raw materials are sourced from all over the world. Natural, rare, exotic, sleek. Creative is our inspiration. We want to make an impact. We strive to revolutionize the industry.

We Support the Community

We are the only manufacturer that has grown organically from within the community since 2006.
Janty was built by the community and made for the community.

Together We Create.


Change the World.