Let the Fun Begin.

Express your style with this unique and trendy design. The ultimate disposable vape for you and your clique. Convenient, fun, safe, easy-to-use. It's your choice, your rules, any time, anywhere. Head out, party up. Make the switch.

One-Time Use

Take your vape everywhere. With the convenient disposable feature, there's no need to refill or recharge. It's your perfect accessory for a night out around town.

Fun Design

Show your wild side with the edgy and eye-catching zebra pattern. Infinity is compact and lightweight, just slip it in your bag, grab your friends, get up and go.

Fashionably Innovative.

Never settle for the ordinary. Let the Infinity bring out your fun and exciting side.

  • Mouthpiece

    Convenient and ergonomic shape, distinguished airlfow.

  • Casing

    Uniquely designed casing which deviates from common cylindrical e-cig designs.

  • Cartomizer and Battery

    Inside the cartomizer is where the heating coil is placed, wrapped carefully by a foam that acts as a liquid holder. Prefilled with 2.8ml of your favorite e-juice.

    With a long lasting, high performing 650 mAh Lithium-Ion soft battery.

  • Endcap

    The bottom cap of the Infinity has an embedded Janty logo that glows as you vape.

Made for Fashion.

The most stylish disposable vape on the market, the infinity gives you limitless possibilities.

Where Style Meets Function

Compact and convenient with a touch of chic and edgy. It's the must-have fashion accessory that never goes out of season.

Latest Cartomizer Technology

The safe and secure cartomizer technology gives you more puffs than any other disposable vape. 1,200 puffs in one!

Ease of Use

Bring it everywhere, use it anytime. Take it and leave it. No hassles, no problems.

Convenient System

Lightweight and efficient. It's everything you need in one awesome package.

The Infinity by Janty is not just beautifully-designed but simple, functional and perfectly safe.
Get more out of your lifestyle with this exciting disposable vape.

Have more fun today.