A Collection of Blended Perfection.

Whether you're laid-back, adventurous or mysterious, you are assured of the most pleasurable vaping experience suited only for you.
With the extraction of the finest flavor mixed with our perfected formulation, prepare to savor the taste that you most desire.


You can never go wrong with the Classic series. Delicate and perfectly-balanced with no aftertaste. A hint of sweetness with a touch of bold flavor. It's the best-selling choice.


A sweet twist to the full-bodied classic taste. The Elixir series teases the palate with sweet burst of flavor without the overpowering undertones of tobacco. Got a sweet tooth? This is for you.


Have a great-tasting tobacco experience with the original DK series. Formulated and released in 2007, the DK focuses on the smooth tobacco flavor in its precise and purest form. Savor the comfort you most desire.

Safety and Satisfaction.

Each liquid series is carefully extracted and precisely formulated to ensure that you make the switch in the safest and most satisfying way possible. View our certificates.


The most sought-after e-liquid in the market. The one and only original proprietary recipe is the culmination of Janty's extensive research and development.

100% Pure

Janty is renowned for the quality of its liquids. Our liquids have undergone multiple safety and hygiene tests before being put on the market.

Varied Density

With the varied nicotine levels available, you can be in control of your own nicotine intake. The choice is yours.

Savor the test of vaping with the intense and full-bodied flavors of Janty Liquids.
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