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Be Different.

Clever and versatile. The MiD, with its easy navigation and intelligent and adaptive customizable system, allows you to create your own vaping experience just the way you like it.

Real Time Power Change

The MiD Joystick not only allows you to navigate the menus of the device, it also gives you the freedom to control real-time variable voltage or wattage of your vape.

Intelligent and Adaptive

Thanks to the customizable puff timeline of the MiD, you are no longer limited to one specific voltage whenever you vape. Create real-time pulsations, fades, boosts, loops and waves that give you a unique vaping experience. Now you can achieve that desired throat hit and richness of taste.

Designed for Individuality.

The MiD is an electronic cigarette designed to give you total freedom and control of your vaping.

  • Mouthpiece

    The unique flat design of the MiD’s mouthpiece provides a comfortable feel whenever you vape. Its stainless steel interior securely seals the e-liquid and makes your vaping hygienic.

  • Cartomizer

    The MiD Cartomizer is uniquely designed to deliver a smooth and consistent vaping experience. The tank refill hole is designed to make refilling convenient and spill-proof.

  • Body

    The MiD is encased in a Super lightweight NASA sourced aluminum material. Your device is not only sharp and intuitive, but made to be conveniently lightweight, tough and durable.

  • Battery

    2 high performing 550 mAh MiD Cell HD Pro-in series-batteries. MiD "One" also works with off-the-shelf Li-Ion batteries.

  • Battery Cover

    The battery cover and spring keep the battery in place and establish the electrical connectivity.

Create a vaping experience of your own.

Strong, subtle, or smooth. Whichever way you prefer, the MiD gives you limitless ways to enjoy your vape. Explore the power to create and customize a satisfying vaping experience like never before.

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Alert and Intuitive.

The smart and user-friendly functions are always ready to give you the vaping experience you most desire.

Real Time Variable Power

This feature enables you to modulate power freely. Now you can create and save pre-loaded vaping profiles with your MiD. Press the joystick up or down to increase and decrease the profile power in real time.

Auto - Sleep

Whenever you release the joystick, the MiD will automatically go to sleep to save power. It will immediately power up, without delay, the moment you press the joystick again.

Real Time Osciloscope

MID is the first programmable e-cigarette in the world running proprietary software with computer connectivity.

The Janty MiD is the electronic cigarette that gives you endless possibilities.
Create your own experience today.