What is MiD?

Modular Intelligent Design

MiD is an electronic cigarette that gives the user total freedom in the creation of their individual vaping experiences.

With the MiD, we are going to introduce a lot of new concepts, so let's get to it.

The MiD PCB is manufactured in our AS-9100C Certified Facility in Cebu, Philippines.

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Introducing Vaping Profiles

With this device, we are introducing vaping profiles: A visual, editable representation of the dynamics in a puff.

The way the MiD implements the vaping profiles is through an arbitrary waveform of voltage or power (Watts) on an editable timeline of 0-12 seconds. The MiD editable timeline allows you to fully control every 1/10 second of your puff.

Standard e-cigarettes, be it 3.7 volts, or the so-called variable voltage e-cigarettes, are represented by the use of a flat vaping profile.

Thanks to the editable puff timeline environment of the MiD, the user is now no longer locked into just vaping at one specific voltage during a puff. Instead, they can create real time pulsations, fades, boosts, loops, and waves that all create a unique vaping experience in which they control the richness of the taste, and the power of the throat hit.

Give me Power!

Vaping profile margins in the MID series are the widest in the market: the MID ranges from 0 to 8 volts, or from 0 to a whopping 25 watts! MiD delivers from 0 to 4 Amps!

Dual Blast!

MiD is powered by 2 high performing, high drain MiD CELL HD PRO -in series-batteries. MiD "One" will also work with off-the–shelf Li-ion batteries with the following specifications:

  • Battery Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 16.7mm to 14.5mm
    • Height: 34.75mm to 33.25mm
  • (VERY IMPORTANT) Maximum discharge current as per battery specification MUST be 4.0A or more!

Note: Extended Threshold Limits module will allow the user to limit the maximum current of the MiD in order to safely use batteries which are less than 4A.

Single Blast!

MiD can be powered by a single cell high drain battery, ranging from 0-3.7 Volts, or from 0 to around 10 Watts. MiD "One" will also work with off-the–shelf Li-ion batteries with the follow specifications:

  • Battery Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 16.7mm to 14.5mm
    • Height: 69.5mm to 66.5mm
  • (VERY IMPORTANT) Maximum discharge current as per battery specification MUST be 4.0A or more!

Note: Extended Threshold Limits module will allow the user to limit the maximum current of the MiD in order to safely use batteries which are less than 4A.

Single/Multi Cell Configuration Module:

A software module will be released that will allow the 1 or 2 batteries configuration of your MiD device, as well as multi-chemistry batteries configuration:

  • Secondary battery: IMR / LMO / LiMn2O4 / Lithium Manganese Oxide
  • Secondary battery: ICR / LCO / LiCoO2 / Lithium Cobalt Oxide
  • Secondary battery: IFR / LFP / LiFePO4 / Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Primary batteries: compatibility list to be announced


Our MiD PRO HD batteries can handle up to 5500 mA. The MiD device automatically cuts off at 4000 mA.

Our MiD HD PRO batteries will not get significantly hot and the MiD device's casing is made out of a special grade metal alloy that is both lightweight and has a high heat sinking capacity.

Using our MiD HD PRO batteries with 2 or more ohms resistance atomizers is completely safe.

Our dual battery architecture ensures that the loss of energy during vaping is virtually zero. Other so-called variable voltage devices using the single battery boost architecture typically have around 15% energy loss.

Lights, MiD, Action

During the making of your own profile, you will be able to create your own LED lighting step by step, in perfect sync with your vaping profile, down to 1/10ths of a second - in all colors and in all levels of luminosity. Use it as mood lighting, or a visual representation of your profile.

Vaping MiD "One" On-the-go

You can execute up to 4 of your personally created vaping profiles on the MiD device, at any given time, on-the-go.

User Interface

Tired of bulky, over-the-top and often useless LCD displays on your e-cig? We have removed it for a more elegant and more energy-efficient device. The MiD implements a minimalist user interface based on a RGB LED that allows the creation of any colour light and any luminosity at any point during your puff, for any representation of any state of the device. How cool is that!

You'll still be able to interact with the MiD without the PC application. With a smart combination of click sequences (SmartClicks***) with the joystick and blinks of the LED, you will be able to change profiles, increase and decrease profiles, select the smoking style, monitor the device (temperature, resistance, etc etc) and other features.

***Smartclicks are user defined click sequences that allow the user to interact with the device in a personalized way.


Yes. The MID series comes with a joystick/button. It is the first ever e-cigarette to make use of a joystick/button.

And it is a joy to use. The joystick allows you to easily navigate the menus of the device. More importantly, the joystick allows you to control your real time variable voltage or real time variable wattage. And guess what - you can switch easily between voltage and wattage and vape whatever you feel comfortable with.

Real Time Variable Voltage/Wattage?

Another innovation of the MiD is the Real Time Variable Voltage (RTVV) and the Real Time Variable Wattage (RTVW). This feature, together with the joystick, enables the MiD user to modulate voltage or power freely and in real time during your "freestyle" vaping and/or during the vaping or your pre-programmed profiles.

Press the joystick up or down to increase or decrease the profile voltage/power in real time, any time you want during your puff to experience True Real Time Variable Voltage and True Real Time Wattage!

We won't say more to describe this feature now, as you have to try it to truly realize how innovative and cool it is.


MiD "One" has the best dimensions in its class and is compatible with all eGo or 510 Threaded atomizers.

  • Device Length: 119mm
  • Device Diameter: 19.4 mm
  • Device Weight: 40 grams


Each MiD device has its own embedded serial number, product part number, pcb version number and barcode. You will also find the serial number and the barcode on the MiD product packaging.

MiD Software Download

Download the MiD interface software to your PC. Connect the MiD device to your PC and discover a whole new world of vaping experiences.

Next, register yourself and your MiD device on the community website and start sharing!

Vaping MiD "One" PC Application

The MiD Interface PC Application is compatible with Windows7 and Windows8 and Parallels Desktop for Intel Macs.

The MiD can store up to 4 profiles internally in the device, but with the MiD PC application you can create, store and execute unlimited profiles on your PC.

The MiD PC application allows you to use complete features such as editing and storing unlimited vaping profiles on your PC – which you can then store in your MiD device, or upload to the community website to share with your friends and followers!

Real Time Oscilloscope in the MiD PC Application

The MiD Interface PC Application embeds a real time oscilloscope! Check the performance of your MiD, fine tune your profiles and much more!

It's All About You!

Additionally, the PC application has a number of user-defined settings to give you even greater control of your device:

  • Autosleep
    We made sure you will preserve a maximum of energy when you're not using the Device. MiD will automatically go to autosleep when you release the Joystick. MiD will fire up immediately the moment you press the joystick for vaping without a delay.
  • User defined product owner name and product nick name
  • User defined state colors
    Define the colors that represent the different states of the device.
  • Vaping profile safety thresholds
    Specify the range you want your device to work at, for both volts and power.
  • Real Time Variable Voltage/Wattage
    Enable or disable real time variable voltage/wattage vaping
  • Joystick reaction time for Real Time Variable Voltage/Wattage
    Control the sensitivity of the joystick during RTVV vaping. You want it smooth and slow, ultra fast, or something in between? You got it!
  • Firmware update notification
    Our automatic firmware notifications system allow you to stay current with the feature list, and make sure your device always has the latest improvements.
  • Retrieve the device information
    Get key information from you device, like firmware version,pcb version, product part number, serial number.
  • Expandable software modules
    Cool Software modules management to be aware of your current modules and to active them as well.
  • Localization
    You can set the MiD application language to either English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
  • Temperature Setting
    Define which temperature unit you would want.
  • Restore Factory Settings
    You can restore your device to its factory settings whenever you want.


Pull data: The MiD records the puffs you take. You can consult these records on the header of the MID Interface PC application. Our software modules *** will allow you to record and statistically showcase/share/compare each puff's duration, date, energy, duration and much more!

Real time monitoring of your MiD:

The MiD has a beautiful dashboard style representation of the most signifcant variables of your MiD "One" device.

  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Atomizer Current
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Device Temperature
  • Battery Life
  • Battery Level
  • Joystick Status
  • Device Alarms

MiD Community

The MiD series is not all about innovation, it is also about sharing. On you will be able to socialize with other vapers and try their profiles, or share your own – as well as rate and comment on profiles.

You can follow other vapers, and they can follow you – it's great fun!

We call it the Social E-cigarette.

  • download latest MiD PC application and firmware
  • purchase modules in the midseries store
  • register yourself as MiD user
  • register any MiD device(s)
  • store or add vaping profiles to your personal page
  • share and comment on other user's vaping profiles
  • rate user's vaping profiles
  • download other user's vaping profiles
  • Vape other user's vaping profiles
  • alter other user's vaping profiles
  • join or create vapor groups
  • work together in groups to create vaping profiles for specific groups
  • create MiD vaping tutorials
  • embed Youtube presentations
  • set your vaping profiles to PRIVATE, GROUP ONLY or PUBLIC
  • and much more...


Your self created vaping profiles will automatically be "Author Stamped" during saving. When you share your vaping profiles online, no one can alter your creation and claim it to be theirs. Even after so many alterations of your creation, the original creator of the vaping profile can always be traced back to you as the author, while the last alteration of your creation by anyone else will indicate "Edited By". We think that this is only fair.

MiD History

MiD is the brainchild of inventor Ludo Timmermans. The MiD development started in January 2011 and is the fruition of 24 months of hard but exciting work. Check out our development timeline at

MiD is designed in Denmark, engineered in Spain, and manufactured in the Philippines.

Patent Pending

The MiD series is patent pending, which is your guarantee that it will remain unique in its functions, and un-copied.