Stand Out.

Take full control of vaping with the double edge advantage of functionality and elegance. This classic e-cigarette is the definition of fresh and one-of-a-kind. It's guaranteed to make heads turn.

All-Time Favorite

The Neo has gained its reputation in the world of vaping. With its unique and smooth experience alongside a bold throat hit, it’s no wonder why people keep coming back to this classic.

Superb Technology

The classic series comes in three different selections, all offering superb technology that makes for a convenient and easy vaping fix.

Designed for Convenience.

From the designing process up until its careful construction, the Neo proves that less is truly more.

  • Mouthpiece

    The Neo Classic comes with a flat mouthpiece design to provide a comfortable vaping experience. It's stainless steel interior securely seals the e-liquid and makes your vaping hygienic.

  • Puromizer

    The Neo Classic Puromizer is uniquely designed to deliver a smooth vaping experience with consistent throat hit and superior performance. The tank refill hole is designed to provide a more convenient way of refilling. Simply open the silicone tab, fill the liquid, and you're done!

  • Airflow Control Ring

    Turn the ring in either direction to maximize, or minimize the airflow.

  • Battery

    The powerful 650 mAh manual battery provides you with 6 to 8 hours of vaping pleasure per charge cycle.

Flawless and Functional.

Aside from performance, the NEO Classic is all about aesthetics. From the polished silver to matte black, there really is beauty in simplicity. Adding to the look is the white MOOD LED light located at lower rim of the stick that elegantly illuminates at every draw giving it a classy timeless appeal.

Like No Other

A lot of thought has been placed on the Neo which is evident not only in its design but also in its functionality.

Airflow Control Ring

This lets you control the mixture between vapour and air intake. You can set it from smooth and airy to bold and resistant airflow.

Unique Sweet Taste

The sweet taste is attributed to the coils used in the Neo Classic. The typical taste comes from the unique choice of wicking and coil material.

Easy Tank Refill

The silicone tab on the side allows for easy refilling. Now you don’t have to worry about leakages and spills.

The NEO Classic Series by Janty is proof that advanced vaping technology can come in beautiful and compact packages.
Stand out from the crowd experience vaping like never before.